Historic Preservation

#EncoreEatsBaltimore – Satisfying the Architect’s Appetite

Long hours slaving over the drawing board can make an architect peckish.  Pull up a chair and join architect Ward Bucher as ...

A Brief History of Reproduction

No, no, no – not the baby making kind! The blueprint kind. I’ve been thinking about this subject because a client just ...

Historic Structure Reports (HSR): What They Are and Why They Are Important

The National Park Service (NPS) uses the term Historic Structure to refer to historic buildings, bridges, railroads, and other kinds of construction. ...

Exploring Olana – Rare Historic Preservation Inside and Out

High above the Hudson, the towering Olana overlooks panoramic views of the river valley. The house was designed and built by Frederick ...

Three Types of Funding for Historic Renovations: Week 3 – Utility & Energy Rebates

In the last of our three week series on finding money for your historic building renovations, we cover utility and energy rebates. ...

A Glimpse at Ongoing Preservation at Mt. Vernon

The historic preservation of George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon, is a fascinating and beautiful undertaking.  Encore Principal Ward Bucher and his wife ...



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