PreserveCast S1E5: It’s Easy Being Green with Architect Nakita Reed


Nakita Reed, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, GGP, is a founder and principal at Maryland’s Encore Sustainable Design, an architecture firm that takes a holistic approach to sustainability in the built environment. We at Preservation Maryland are lucky to have her on our Board of Directors and the interviewee for this episode of PreserveCast:

[NICHOLAS REDDING] The Secret Lives of Architects: Ever wonder what architects are up to when they’re not designing new buildings? Well, there is a good chance they’re actually engaging in historic preservation of old ones. We spoke with Nakita Reed of Encore Sustainable Design about her career as both an architect and a preservationist and how she found her passion for these two worlds. Nakita also shared with us some tips on making historic buildings more sustainable and when an architect might be the right person to call. Sustainable design? More like a good time. Let’s have one with PreserveCast.  Click to Listen to Podcast at Preservation Maryland.

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