We've Been Using Drones!

Drones at Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, MD

Encore has been retained as the historical architect for the renovations of the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore, MD.  As part of the conditions assessment Encore staff needed to visually assess hard to reach parts of the building. Due to the height of the tower, the density of the surrounding buildings and the high traffic on West Montgomery Street, the use of a swing lift was not a feasible solution.  Thankfully, Nakita and Ward spoke at the recent APTDC Preservation Technology Symposium and met Terry Kilby of Elevated Element. Encore retained, Elevated Element, a Baltimore based drone company was able to use a drone to complete the visual assessment.  Since it was a limited flyover on a small building, within the course of 1 day Elevated Element was able to capture the photos and stitch them together into a 3-D image.  The drone was able to produce over 200 high quality images that Encore was able to use in for its visual assessment of the building. 

Take a look at the really cool 3D Image created