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Historic Tax Credits for Historic Building Renovations

Three Types of Funding for Historic Renovations: Week 1 – Historic Tax Credits

In this three week series of blog posts, we’ll explore different ways of finding money for your renovation project. This week we'll ...

Maryland Historic Tax Credits Webinar

Hosted by Preservation Maryland, Nakita Reed & Ward Bucher led a webinar on the  Maryland historic tax credits available at the state ...

Preservation Maryland Historic Tax Credits Workshops

Join Encore Sustainable Design as we lead the upcoming historic tax credit workshops.  Sponsored by Preservation Maryland, these workshops will take place ...

Belnord Theatre Historic Preservation In Action

This month we're counting down the days to the March "premiere" of the Belnord Theatre. Encore is providing LEED certification, historical architect, ...

RE-thinking Restoration, Renovation & Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings

In this four-week series of blog posts, we will review and define the different "Re" words and how they are used in ...

Three Types of Funding for Historic Renovations: Week 3 – Utility & Energy Rebates

In the last of our three week series on finding money for your historic building renovations, we cover utility and energy rebates. ...



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