Find Nakita at the MAHDC Conference and Receive a Prize

Encore Sustainable Design at MAHDC

The full-day Replacement Materials Symposium for historic preservation commissioners, city and county staff, historic property owners, and preservationists will tackle the frequently controversial issue of substitute materials in historic places.

MAHDC ConferenceAttendees will participate in interactive sessions led by leading practitioners in the field to consider:

  • Why do preservationists have a tradition of retaining historic materials and how do replacement materials fit in?
  • How are preservation and sustainability intertwined and how do we address the sustainable technologies invented to reduce the energy consumption of buildings?
  • What are the current trends in historic preservation commissions accepting or denying substitute materials?
  • How do commissions and staff best incorporate alternate materials into their design review process and guidelines?
  • What do these replacement materials look and feel like up close?”

Nakita will be presenting an examination of the ‘Threats and Opportunities of Sustainability on the Preservation of Historic Structures’ during the 11am session.

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